Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy, rehabilitation! Physiotherapy is a practice that takes advantage of special exercises and other physical media such as heat and cold, ultrasound, electricity, water (hydro) etc to provide treatment & therapy to mobilize muscles, bones & other components of body needs to be flexible!

Physiotherapy Treatments Done at Punarvasu are:

  • All kinds of ARTHRITIS problems

  • All kinds of SPONDYLOSIS problems

  • Post Operative Exercises

  • Paralysis

  • All Neuro Muscular & Musculo Skeleta Disorder

  • Weight Reduction

  • Stress Management

  • Joint Replacement Exercise

  • After Stroke (CVA)

  • Counseling


Electrotherapy Done at Punarvasu are:

  • Cervical & Lumbar Traction

  • Shortwave Diathermy (S.W.D.)

  • Inter Ferential therapy (IFT)

  • Muscular & Nerve Stimular

  • Ultrasound therapy

  • Wax bath therapy

  • Teans